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14th - 16th May 2019


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A three day online series featuring live interactive webinars and complimentary resources focused on supply chain excellence with temperature sensitive medicines

What topics will be covered?

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As part of the TCL Online experience, we would like to provide you with complementary  reports, case studies and whitepapers

  • End to End Digitalization 
  • Cost Efficiencies at Scale
  • Risk Based Planning

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Benefits of Attending

Tackle important topics, gain industry insights and exchange innovative ideas all from the comfort of your desk

  • Emerging Markets
  • Smart GDP Compliance
  • Real Time Monitoring

What is TCL Online?

Topic: Using disruptive tech to handle supply chain disruptions
Speaker: Dan Mirica, former Head of Global Logistics, Lonza

- This interactive webinar will offer a deep dive into how IoT, blockchain and AI are disrupting the pharmaceutical supply chain. We’ll also share examples of how this tech can be used to help you handle potential disruptions in real time, with minimal impact to your products and bottom line.


Day 1: Tuesday, 14th May

Topic: From ‘Pilot’ to ‘Program’: How to achieve a fully integrated and digitized supply chain
Speaker: Tonino Antonetti, Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Management, Safety & Health and Environment, Roche Diagnostics

3:00pm – 3:45pm BST

2:00pm – 2:45pm BST

Day 2: Wednesday, 15th May

2:00pm – 2:30pm BST

3:00pm – 3:45pm BST

Topic: Drone delivery: Can it be used in the cold chain and will it protect temperature sensitive products?

- Drone delivery has the potential to transform efficiency and reach within the last mile. But is this technology ready to be integrated into the pharmaceutical supply chain? In this session, we discuss how drone delivery will work in practice, the trials current taking place and whether the real issue is the last inch, not the last mile.

Topic: From first to last mile: How to enhance supply chain collaboration
Speaker: Ruben Dario Taborda, Senior Director, Hospital and Distributor 
Supply Chain Solutions, Johnson & Johnson 

- Communication and collaboration can be key differentiating factors for success in the pharmaceutical supply chain. In this session, we share case studies on effective collaboration along with the steps needed to reach this point and the hurdles faced along the way.

Day 3: Thursday, 16th May

3:00pm – 3:30pm BST

2:00pm – 2:45pm BST

Topic: Emerging market: how you can achieve change under resource strain
Speaker: Mirko Senatore, GSC European Distributor Markets Lead, Pfizer

- Success in the last mile is a difficult task, especially within emerging markets, where you face challenges with people, partnerships and infrastructure. In this webinar, our logistics leaders share how they have  achieved widespread change and efficiency in these regions even with limited resources.

Topic: Real Time Monitoring: Will full supply chain visibility transform how we manage the cold chain?
Speakers: Ada Palmadottir, MBA, MPharm, Director of Business Development & Jessie VanderVeen, VP Marketing, Controlant 

4:00pm – 4:30pm BST

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Topic: 3 strategies to get to the real root cause of your temperature deviations
Hashim Ahmed, GL Supply Chain Integrity Senior Analyst, GlaxoSmithKline

- Finding and addressing the root cause of temperature deviations remains a fundamental problem within the cold chain. Without understanding the real root cause(s) of your issues, you will fail to rectify them with appropriate and workable CAPAs. In this webinar, Hashim shares GSK’s best practices for getting to the real root cause of issues.

- Using sea, air and road case studies, this webinar will explain how you can leverage real-time supply chain data to mitigate risk and drive continuous improvement. We’ll also discuss how supply chain visibility and control can offer additional efficiency by making enterprises less reliant on external parties for their compliance needs.

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- More supply chains than ever are going digital and integrating their systems at multiple levels to gain visibility and efficiency. But many have overlooked the challenges of transitioning from a pilot to a full program. In this session, we offer insight on how to prepare your people, processes and systems for this change.